Episode 55 - The Beast Within

Botan: Why that way? She was sad, and scared, in so much pain. I will never forgive him for what he did to her!!


Episode 101 - Reunion of Bandits





Spirit gun.

so many versions of this gif has been remade, but mine has the best quality




Newly updated list of yyh blogs that I recommend you checking out! (: If I missed you sorry about that ):

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You can also check out yyhmasterlist’s list of characters for links to some roleplaying blogs and as well as yyhroleplaysociety’s character list

I feel offended how my blog was not mentioned, I’m like the Beyonce of of YYH blogs 

I’m sorry :/ if it makes you feel any better the only reason I think my YYH one is on there is because when they were asking for YYH blogs to do this  I put mine down

It’s okay, I’m not in it for the recognition :P